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Our Promise to You

  • Quality is our top priority. We maximize patient outcomes and minimize payer cost by continuously measuring, benchmarking and improving in every aspects of service that we provide.
  • We are your advocates. The U.S. healthcare system has some of the world’s best outcomes; the key is knowing how to navigate through its ever-changing complexities to ensure the best patient outcomes at a fair price. We are your advocates from beginning to end of each episode of care. Our medical team, translators and negotiators work round the clock on your behalf. We will help you identify the best, in-network providers to ensure that treatment adheres to InterQual guidelines – the gold standard in evidence-based clinical decision support. We expedite the release of medical reporting so that you can make treatment decisions proactively, not reactively. We are available 24/7 to translate for patients, family members, payers and providers, ensuring that your needs and concerns are always addressed.
  • We are transparent. World Medical Management Solutions does everything humanly possible to help you avoid surprises. Clinic prices are prominently displayed in World Medical Care’s clinic waiting rooms. We won’t authorize a covered benefit until the payer approves it. We provide medical reporting virtually in real-time to aid in payer decision-making, and our access fees are clearly indicated on each of our scorecard client reports.
  • We deliver value. We look at each episode of care holistically, because delivering value means more than producing hard savings. World Medical Care’s house call network and emergency care clinics provide hassle-free solution for patients that avoid emergency room visits and unnecessary hospitalizations in 95 – 97% of episodes of care. When hospitalization is required, World Medical Management Solutions’ medical team directs patients to in-network, cost-effective facilities with the best outcomes by condition-type. Real-time reporting helps you avoid unnecessary testing and treatment, and we ensure that claims are clean before we negotiate savings on your behalf.
  • We are accessible to you 24/7/365. At every level of our organization, when you need us, we pick up the phone, we see patients, we manage cases, and we respond to your needs.
  • Savings Guarantees. Contact us for more information.